This question used to hang over my head, almost literally. Chronic stress meant that debilitating headaches usually curtailed my workday between noon and 2 p.m. I knew there had to be a better way, but constant brain fog made it difficult to see a way out.

After six years immersed in neuroscience and performance research, I found the missing piece to skyrocket my productive output while lowering my stress levels (no more headaches!): The Joyful Flow Formula.

Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to be more productive – without sacrificing your relationship and wellbeing?

I'm Lieve (leeva)

Hey there!

As a multi-passionate "idea fairy," I used to struggle with following through on all my big ideas. Now I help professionals reduce work stress and streamline project planning. Combining neuroscience with embodied stress reduction, workflow coaching teaches clients to quickly access brain states for peak performance. 

Workflow Coaching helps professionals 
achieve their goals - ahead of schedule. 

Heck yesss!

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Finalize your digital and/or hand-written Signature Planning System, complete with a plan to achieve your goals for the upcoming quarter!

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Build on your strengths, focus on your top priority, and trains your brain to close the implementation gap through personalized coaching, guidance, and accountability.



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A holistic, strengths-based review to map how you spend your time according to your goals. You'll leave the consult with top strategies to accelerate your progress!


about the process

How it Works

I help clients go farther, faster, by guiding them to close the gap between intention and implementation on their most important goals. Through my signature coaching program, clients learn a tailored approach to…

  • The Joyful Flow Formula that makes dropping into Creative Flow effortless
  • Prioritize a joyful workflow to prime the brain for peak performance
  • Design a Signature Planning System to streamline projects
  • A quarterly goal-setting framework to tap into core motivators

I partner with each of my clients to unleash their brain's best performance at work!

why i

My Mission

My Ideal Day has nothing scheduled.

Opening my planner and seeing a blank page is my idea of bliss! I try to set aside one "nothing" day every month. I love starting the day outside with a cup of bulletproof coffee, completely free to let my thoughts meander and spontaneously stroll in the sunshine.

I've gone to the airport on the wrong day (thankfully I was a day ahead!) ...

and arrived at birthday parties 3 hours late. Time management and planning does not come naturally for me - but it helps me be a lot less stressed and a much better friend.

Running with clubs is my favorite workout.

I have zero hand-eye coordination for team sports, but love running in training groups! Faster runners in the group make training harder feel effortless and give me pointers on my technique. Plus talking helps the time fly by!

I got my start in international consulting with Fortune 500 Companies.

My first job out of college was in Seoul, Korea, and I was put through my paces in strategy consulting with high-pressure clients like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Nascar. Diving into consulting sparked my passion for applying strategic planning principles to personal performance.

Evolutionary Biology was my favorite class in college (even though I majored in lit)!

We spent six whole weeks understanding how evolution of the jaw shaped the brain's limbic system and other parts of the nervous system. Obviously I couldn't stop geeking out and my passion to translate neuroscience into practical applications was born!

4 fun facts about me

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