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I help health-conscious professionals design a joyful workflow for greater productivity - without compromising
wellbeing or relationships.

What would it feel like to start every day excited about your work and confident that you’re moving the needle on what matters most?

I'm on a mission to change how the world works: from hustle culture to brain. From my first days exhausted, crying and lost in a drab cubicle when I should have been 'making it' in an international career, I learned joyful workflow the hard way. Planning and productivity never came naturally to me. My challenges with managing chronic health condition meant I had no choice: I had to figure out how to support my wellbeing during an ambitious workday. Today, colleagues call me "the most productive person 

As a work performance coach, I believe everyone should open the calendar with a deep sigh and excitement about the joyfully productive day ahead.

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Hi! I'm Lieve

Natalie Keyes

“Naming a top priority for the day helps me cut past the clutter and define what progress would look like that day. I can be more focused at work... and more present with my family.”

Gina zweig

"Where I had previously felt frustrated daily, I now have hope and peace. That’s huge! Control over my own schedule and a clear overview for the months ahead spells out freedom to me."

Brigitta Borinstein

“I was working fully from home at the time I started using the planner, and it gave so much structure and pick-me-up to my day-to-day routine! I started to feel purpose in things that don't have immediate results or things that are not specifically income producing."

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Nothing is more valuable than aligning your goals with how you spend your time. Curious to learn more and see if we're a good fit? Schedule a free consult on my calendar. Together we'll review what's working and where your workflow could improve.

When was the last time you laid your dreams and commitments on the table? 

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