Learn to Quickly Access Brain States for Peak Productivity and Eliminate Needless Work Stress

The Joyful Flow Formula distills 20+ Flow triggers into a 3-step process. Work smarter, not harder.

The Joyful Flow Formula

Launching April 2024!

Learn your superpower for effortless creative flow - and three quick tips for more joy at work right away ✨

Find Your Joyful Flow Workstyle!

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Maximize time in Creative Flow—without burning out

Finally gain traction on your most important goals

Increase productivity and creativity up to 500%

Stop procrastinating or forgetting important tasks

Save 100s of wasted hours from unfocused distraction

Find your joyful workflow

What if you could get "in the zone," anytime, anywhere?

"Learning the precise formula you need to joyfully drop into Creative Flow anytime, anywhere is nothing short of a productivity superpower."

- Lieve hendren

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The unique planner-journal coalesces quarterly goals, project plans, and daily mindset prompts - all in one place. The Present & Productive Planner Journal supports your brain to drop into Creative Flow, maximize creativity, and close the implementation gap.

Years of neuroscience and goal achievement research packed into one 90-day Planner Journal.

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