Episode 42: The Neuroscience Secret to Up-level Your Goals

Ready to hear something positively heartbreaking?

91% of Americans will give up on their New Year’s resolutions before the end of the year. That means only 9% of workers follow through on their goals. Major yikes.

Today’s podcast episode is designed to help you prepare a smooth path toward your goals… so you can be part of that rare 9% who follow through. Together, we walk through three easy steps that you can use to leverage the neuroscience of joyful productivity – and make your whole goal-pursuing process as awesome as possible!

My mission is to help high performers align their intentions with their time, so they can reclaim the joy of work and drop into flow on demand in today’s productivity-obsessed work culture. My goal for today’s podcast is that you’ll learn how to design your goals in a way so that you can stay motivated all year long, effortlessly.

You’ll learn how to shift your brain out of anxious beta wave state, into a calmly focused alpha wave state with three simple prompts:

  1. Identify the core move associated with your goal
  2. Get crystal clarity on how you want to feel when you reach your goal
  3. Unlock your imagination to make the journey as awesome as possible

Dive into today’s episode and get ready to fall so in love with your goals that it will be impossible not to achieve them!

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