2020 goal-setting part 5: brainstorming

Why would three bare naked women be fighting over a leather handbag? I couldn’t help but gawk at the three story ad in Columbus Circle. Each model looked more beautiful than the next.

Once I entered the workforce my personal aspirations centered around one objective: I wanted to lose weight.

Looking back, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for that girl. Measuring her worth alongside photos of models.

I share this frustrating time in my life because loosing weight remains a goal of nearly 50% of Americas today. But at that time, I only wanted to lose weight in order to feel confident and free of judgment in front of others. I wanted to please other people.

That strategy failed spectacularly again and again. Until I started to see how my health impacted and entwined with my other goals. I craved more energy and focus at work. I wanted try out dancing classes and build a solid routine.

When we realize how different goals come together and support each other in a greater life vision, we find renewed motivation. And we focus on what matters most – not just the advertiser’s bait of the day.

Today is the day to start brainstorming ideas for the new year. Ideas that are deeply rooted in your core values. Goals and aspirations that allow you to flourish- not only in 2020, but in the long term- at least for the next decade.

Today’s exercise has three simple steps:

Make sure you have two pages at the ready in your notebook or journal!

Step 1: Read back through parts 3 & 4 on the beliefs that shape different areas of your life. If you have extra time and want a gold star, take a peek at your pages from parts 1 & 2.

Step 2: Now set the timer for 3 minutes and brainstorm all of your goal ideas for 2020. This is just a brainstorm! Nothing permanent. A quick way to capture initial ideas no matter how wild or wondrous they might be.

Step 3: Now that you’ve flexed your creative muscles, let’s take a step into the future and think all the way about 2030- that’s one decade away from now! How do you want to feel when you reach December 2029? How will you feel looking back at the last decade?

How does it feel every day when you wake up in the morning? How does it feel when you come hit the pillow at night? When you’re out with friends or on a date? What challenges are you facing? Where are you investing your energy and focus?

Capture your answers to this question in a life vision of a few sentences. It’s fun to use the first person, as if you’re already in December 2029!

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