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Imagine starting your week with a Kanban Board – a full line of sight into all of your different workstreams, critical next steps on your projects, and the bandwidth you have to take on new work. Sounds like a little piece of heaven, am I right?! Today’s episode shares one simple tool to streamline your […]

When it comes to spending time intentionally designing our life, preparing for more moments that matter is one of the greatest returns on investment to improve your quality of life, relationships and mental health. Taking the time now to identify and design your life for moments that matter can significantly shift how you experience your life. […]

Discover meaningful goals for the year ahead with this intrinsically motivating 2021 Year-End Review. Are you ready to celebrate 2021 and set your sights for the new year ahead? Taking time to reflect and celebrate your milestones and learnings from the past year is a tremendous step towards discovering meaningful goals that will fuel your […]

Make Better Decisions by Imagining Your Worst-Case Scenario Building on last week’s episode about better decision-making in the face of uncertainty, this week shares the ultimate strategy for facing your fear of failure: Planning to Fail. Don’t let your fear of failure keep you stuck from making your next big move! Planning to fail presents […]

Here it comes. You’re faced with a big decision, like whether or not to start applying for a new job. It looms in the back of your mind 24/7. You keep running through every possible outcome, every worst-case scenario…. but you’re not making any progress. This week’s episode is for anyone who’s ever gotten caught […]

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck following someone else’s agenda? Or someone else is running your life’s schedule? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you clock into a 9-5 job, you are ultimately responsible for how you spend your time. Stay out of a victim mentality and step into the decision maker’s seat. Because you […]

Ready to turn the page into a new year… but it kind of feels like nothing is changing? It might be because January can be a blur of a month. But it’s probably because you’re ready for the 2020 Look Back Exercise to Leap Forward! The Look Back Exercise is an important opportunity to review […]

2021 is starting to peek its friendly face around the corner… and that means countless humans are setting fantastic goals for growth and change in the personal and professional lives. The only problem? 92% of goal-setters will fail to achieve their New Years resolutions. Today’s episode gets personal for me… I’ve felt let down by […]

Are you born with an innate passion or is passion developed? Research reveals that passion comes from strategically testing and developing interests until passion emerges. Today’s episode describes what passion is, why its important, and the simple exercise you can do to move forward on your unique path to passion. Today’s episode finishes with a […]

Create strong quarterly goals to make the most of 2020 with a plan in place to brainstorm, articulate, and measure your most important goals. If you could design a billboard for the year 2020, what might it say? The year that flew by! 2020… can’t be over soon enough… Topsy Turvy 2020 The only thing […]

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