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Upgrade Your State of Consciousness. That’s what I would have titled this year’s 10th annual biohacking conference. I love this conference because its full of cutting-edge science + start-ups addressing the fundamental question: How can we optimize the human experience? Topics are wide-ranging from sleep and nutrition to physiology and psychology. It’s a crazy group […]

Imposture syndrome, the creative process, and a challenge to create your definition of productivity “Whenever I feel imposter syndrome, my knee-jerk impulse is to work with a frenetic intensity,” I told Lydia. “Even though my book is packed with years of research, there’s a doubting voice in the back-right quadrant of my brain, taunting me […]

Ready to hear something positively heartbreaking? 91% of Americans will give up on their New Year’s resolutions before the end of the year. That means only 9% of workers follow through on their goals. Major yikes. Today’s podcast episode is designed to help you prepare a smooth path toward your goals… so you can be […]

Pop. Crackle. Exhale. Is there anything more satisfying than cracking open the spine of a new journal? Rolling a fresh page of matte no-bleed paper in between your thumb and index finger… Yes, this 30-something still giddily skips down the aisle for new school supplies. Maybe that’s why I still get excited about… my monthly […]

Stop feeling spread thin and make your goal achievement easier and more joyful, today. Just imagine what would happen if you could build a little bit of momentum consistently on 2-3 goals for 90-days? If you’re curious why 2-3 goals are actually more effective in the long-term than setting, let’s say, 7-10, you’re going to […]

Discover meaningful goals for the year ahead with this intrinsically motivating 2021 Year-End Review. Are you ready to celebrate 2021 and set your sights for the new year ahead? Taking time to reflect and celebrate your milestones and learnings from the past year is a tremendous step towards discovering meaningful goals that will fuel your […]

    Present & Productive Signature Coaching   If you’re interested in personal coaching to reimagine your relationship with time and design your day for more joy, I would love to hear more about your current goals and productivity strategies! ???? You’re invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call on my calendar. Over a 4-week […]

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Visualizing your time each day is an essential tool for effective time-management. Break free from our culture’s ineffectual obsession with the endless to-do list! Visualizing your time is about freeing yourself – so you can align how much time you have with where your time is spent. Learn the brain-boosting benefits of visualizing your time […]

Why spending 1 to 2 minutes of your regular routine to review your goals is a worthwhile investment. Taking time to review your goals is a waste of time, right? Why review your goals, when you could be out there, making things happen? Think again, friend. Just a couple of minutes spent to review your […]


Every feature in this 13-week Planner Journal is backed by goal achievement research and best practices. The unique planner-journal combination gives you space for quarterly goal planning, to-do lists, and daily productivity prompts, all in one. The Present & Productive Planner Journal will help you:

☀️ Balance professional and personal priorities

☀️ Set meaningful daily, weekly, and monthly goals

☀️ Improve motivation and focus throughout the day

Blue & Gold ribbons save your place on luxe no-bleed 100g white pages. Hardcover navy pleather and hand-sewn binding look sharp anywhere in a travel-friendly A5 size (5.5″ x 8”). Did I mention it comes with a back-pocket to catch loose to-do lists? ; )


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