Busting the Top Accountability Myth

Overcome the most common barrier to accountability and follow-through on your goals with a simple mindset shift.

Spoiler Alert: This post has a very special announcement… Scroll all the way to the end to get in the know ; )

There’s one common roadblock to personal accountability that I hear over and over again with my clients… the very same assumption that I used to face. It’s a deep-seated myth that prevents dreamers from getting off the sidelines and confidently saying ‘yes’ to pursue their goal.

Today I’m going to bust that myth wide open and explain how anyone and everyone can thrive with stress-free accountability.

Accountability is the underlying system you use to bring your goals to life.

Whether or not you’re aware of your personal system and processes for accountability and follow-through, there are simple best practices that can help you stay focused on your intentions, and bring them to life.

Anyone can learn simple practices for easy accountability.

Myth: Accountability is a a personality trait.

“I’m not a planning person,” you might say or “my brain isn’t designed to think ahead.” To a certain extent, that may be totally true. Each of us has different skillsets, and many lateral, abstract thinkers would take a polar plunge than create a structured plan with SMART goals.

I too used to think that accountability and follow-through were personality traits. While some of us may have more pronounced planning tendencies than others, everyone has the ability to follow-through.

Truth: Accountability is not a personality trait, but a system.

That’s right, I said it. Accountability and follow-through are not pre-destined character traits: they are the result of supportive systems anyone can put into place.

With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can learn to improve their accountability. Whether its reflecting on your core values at the start of the work day or having a weekly 10-minute planning session, once you find the right accountability practices and processes for your unique needs, follow-through doesn’t have to feel like pushing a bus up a mountain single handedly.

With the right habits and systems in place, accountability can and should be stress free.

What kind of productivity tips would you like to hear on a podcast?

After nearly a decade in strategy consulting (a career path I completely fell into by accident, by the way), I now know that best practices in organizational strategy consulting can be applied to managing your personal life, with a whole lot less stress and a whole lot more ease.

As a creative, I never thought I would be a strategy consultant expert – but now that I am, I’m devoted to helping you organize your life, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

In fact, I’m so passionate about busting the accountability myth, that I’m going to be launching… a Podcast about accountability!

Accountability is so life-changing, that it deserves its very own show. Together, we will survey tools, templates and systems that support project management, time management and productivity – with clear actions steps each and every step of the way that make accountability easy.

The podcast is designed to support creatives and aspiring creatives who want to improve productivity… without burnout and exhaustion. Because you are your greatest asset.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Podcast, because I’m dedicated to giving you the tools and tips you need to confidently say ‘yes’ to your goals. Let me know if you have special questions or episode ideas, send me a message or share them in the comments below!

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