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Imposture syndrome, the creative process, and a challenge to create your definition of productivity “Whenever I feel imposter syndrome, my knee-jerk impulse is to work with a frenetic intensity,” I told Lydia. “Even though my book is packed with years of research, there’s a doubting voice in the back-right quadrant of my brain, taunting me […]

Pop. Crackle. Exhale. Is there anything more satisfying than cracking open the spine of a new journal? Rolling a fresh page of matte no-bleed paper in between your thumb and index finger… Yes, this 30-something still giddily skips down the aisle for new school supplies. Maybe that’s why I still get excited about… my monthly […]

Imagine starting your week with a Kanban Board – a full line of sight into all of your different workstreams, critical next steps on your projects, and the bandwidth you have to take on new work. Sounds like a little piece of heaven, am I right?! Today’s episode shares one simple tool to streamline your […]

The story of how I went from never using an agenda to carrying my Present & Productive Planner Journal everywhere I go! Today I love coaching creatives in simple, effective time management skills, but most of my life managing time was a huge struggle. I’m a recovering idea fairy – someone full of great ideas […]

What’s a Tipping Point? A behavioral cue that replaces a negative trigger with positive reinforcement for a healthy habit. With the help of a bonus Healthy Habits Worksheet to guide you through today’s episode, you can transform your daily routines into outstanding Healthy Habits in three simple steps. Because the building blocks for an outstanding […]

If you ever get caught in the telltale trap that “I don’t have enough time to get everything done,” today’s episode is for you. Shifting from a time scarcity mindset is a complex, long-term process. This mindset shift is an absolute favorite of my clients, and I’m sharing it with you today because the prioritization […]

Why this “efficient” time mindset trap is costing you time – and peace of mind. Many high-performers are constantly trying to get through their to-do list, as quickly as possible. They measure their worth by how many things they can “check-off” by the end of the day…. until they are overwhelmed in a flood of […]

I chose to spend the first week of 2021 in a social media detox, and the results were a little shocking to me. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know the challenges posed by social media – it’s common knowledge that those brightly colored apps are distracting – but I wasn’t fully aware of the […]

“I like to work on my own time, not be tied down by a schedule.” “A daily schedule makes me feel nervous – I’m always behind!”I know my big goals and projects already, so I don’t really need to create a daily schedule.” “Why should I spend time designing my day when I could be […]

Do you find it frustrating to work from home without the clear boundaries of a separate office space? Does your job bleed into your personal life, and vice versa? Now that 58% of U.S. workers are remote, it’s time to level-up your skills for working well from home. With a little bit of planning, remote-working […]

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