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A personal reflection from my heart to yours. My story of staying present and showing-up fully. You are exactly where you need to be. I heard these little words from the loud silence of lazy crickets, chirping robins, and murmuring maples this morning. This season of life is so full and brimming over that I […]

The story of how I went from never using an agenda to carrying my Present & Productive Planner Journal everywhere I go! Today I love coaching creatives in simple, effective time management skills, but most of my life managing time was a huge struggle. I’m a recovering idea fairy – someone full of great ideas […]

The research is in! Cultivating presence is proven to improve memory, clarity, happiness and more. Presence is the gateway to productivity at work and fostering the creative process. Productivity Starts with Presence, and that’s why presence is the focus of this special launch episode! Today’s episode dives into… The practical definition of presence Emergent research […]

Research-Backed Principals to Design a Purpose-Filled Life Strategy Every time you set a goal, plan your schedule, or organize your to-do list, you are working in a greater context: your life strategy. Most of us persist in goal-setting and building new habits without stepping back to perceive the bigger picture. We find ourselves frustrated and […]

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