Episode 0: The One Thing You Need to Go After Your Goals

Goals without an accountability system are kind of like cars without tires. Even the best design won’t get you very far ; ) That’s why today’s ‘Episode 0’ is all about having supportive systems in-place before setting goals to help bring your best intentions to life.

In this special prelaunch Episode 0 of the Present & Productive Podcast, we…

  • Dive head-on into busting the #1 myth about accountability
  • Illustrate the power of having a system in place to support your goals
  • Ask the most important question to consider before setting a goal

As a bonus, I share my story from an ‘idea fairy’ to a time-management coach, why I created the Present & Productive Podcast, and my vision for this podcast community!

Because the truth is, you have dreams for a reason. Our dreams are like a divine compass, pointing us to get out of our comfort zone and make a unique contribution. And the world needs you to bring your dream to life.

Here’s a sneak peek into today’s episode…

  • [2:05] Systems fuel goals
  • [4:10] The #1 accountability myth
  • [6:15] The most important question to ask yourself before setting a goal
  • [7:15] Why I started this podcast
  • [10:30] What to expect in future episodes
  • [11:20] Show recap
  • [12:03] Vision for this podcast community

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Rate, review, & subscribe to the podcast. If you’ve found today’s episode valuable, consider sharing it with a friend or leaving a review on your favorite podcast platform. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to share positive encouragement with others.

Share your story. What goals are you working towards? What kinds of questions do you have for future episodes? I read every message and would love to hear more about how I can best serve you.

Go after your goals with confidence!

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