How to be beautiful: Biohacking 101

Imagine this happening…

You get out of the shower, catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror while wrapping a fluffy towel around your waist.

Eyes sparkling. Fully alive. Ready to conquer the day.

I’ve shared my struggles with unattainable beauty standards on the blog before. But never before have I shared how I discovered my own beauty standards.

One summer I sustained myself on gooey chocolate protein shakes. Hitting the gym for thirty to ninety minutes every day. I thought I was doing everything right… but I never felt worse.

That health obsessed summer, I was a slave to my body. Until I discovered biohacking.

As a biohacker, I optimize my body to support my life-style goals: Generating energy. Moving with ease. Feeling alive.

Being beautiful means refusing to fight against your own biology – choosing to support your biology instead.

Know someone who could benefit from a beauty booster? So many women and men I know struggle in our body-shaming culture. Having a beauty manifesto helps me block-out the negative and focus on my true health and wellness goals.

What is bio-hacking?

Bio-hacking is a holistic approach to wellness focused on supporting our biology. Bio-hackers don’t follow a set regimen – they research and customize their own regimen. Bio-hackers take responsibility for discovering the unique practices that lets your mind and body thrive.

Deciding to adopt the philosophy of a bio-hacker transformed my personal struggles with weight, acne, nutrition, headaches, fatigue, chronic illness and general pain management into projects of personal discovery. I am willing to experiment and learn, to the extent that I can influence my biology.

Why should I start bio-hacking?

Through biohacking we perceive our body as more than a vehicle that carries our consciousness. We focus less on trivial beauty standards like cellulite – I still don’t understand it – and more on life-changing beauty standards: a resilient body, healthy expression of emotions, mental clarity.

Bio-hacking is the discipline of methodically examining how your environment shapes your body – from your physical surroundings to the external pressures you endure through exercise to your inner neuropsychological environment.

Our biology is influenced in all kinds of ways, including:

  • Attention
  • Brain health
  • Cognitive processing
  • Emotional awareness
  • Hydration
  • Memory
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Physical environment, like light, air and noise quality
  • Personal care practices
  • Presence
  • Product use
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Support networks

How can you be a bio-hacker?

Take responsibility for the health outcomes within your control. Define what health and fitness look and feel like for you – maybe write your own beauty manifesto or imagine how it will feel to achieve your goals.

Steps to get started:

  1. What health goal would impact your life the most? Identify one, tangible goal, like reducing headaches, alleviating back pain or building muscular strength.
  2. Research science-backed strategies to move towards your goal. What hacks will you try?
  3. Track your progress to see how your body responds. How will you monitor your progress? I use an old-fashioned pen and paper list, but there are dozens of apps and excel templates if that’s your jam.
  4. Adapt your strategy. Could you benefit from more research? Trying a different strategy?

Are you working on a health challenge or finding ways to hack your environment? I’m always finding new bio-hacking challenges and would love to hear your strategies in the comments below.

If you’re ready to start bio-hacking, but not sure where to start, contact me about a free coaching session to help you stay accountable to your health goals with joy and ease.

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