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How to stop binge-watching tv and rescue your time. Have you ever been swirled into binge-watching a tv show? You know that spooling circle kinda sucks you into the next episode and there’s a time warp when hours fly by before you can reach to press pause? Yes yes YES! (Waving both hands in the […]

Stop feeling spread thin and make your goal achievement easier and more joyful, today. Just imagine what would happen if you could build a little bit of momentum consistently on 2-3 goals for 90-days? If you’re curious why 2-3 goals are actually more effective in the long-term than setting, let’s say, 7-10, you’re going to […]

My top three new discoveries and favorite learnings from this Year’s Biohacking Conference that you can implement today! Whenever I use the term ‘biohacking,’ I cringe a little bit on the inside. I mean, what does biohacking even mean? People with tech embedded into their bodies, half-person, half-robot? As someone who’s been biohacking for nearly […]

Visualizing your time each day is an essential tool for effective time-management. Break free from our culture’s ineffectual obsession with the endless to-do list! Visualizing your time is about freeing yourself – so you can align how much time you have with where your time is spent. Learn the brain-boosting benefits of visualizing your time […]

A 5- or 10-minute gratitude walk might be the practice you need to start your day off with sunshine (no matter the weather forecast)! Today’s episode shares my #1 favorite way to start the day: a Gratitude Walk. Dive into today’s episode to learn why a gratitude walk is a powerful tool to transform your […]

Stop depleting yourself in the workday and start recharging with micro-exercise breaks. It’s hard to take a break in a culture where success means working nonstop to the point of exhaustion. The truth is, your energy is your greatest asset – for your work and your family. That’s why today’s episode shares a simple, effective […]

How being more present when exercising gets you stronger and fitter, with more ease. You probably already know that exercise is key to boosting your brainpower and energy all day long. But when most people think about exercise, they think about long, hard, and stressful workout at the gym that’s time-consuming and stinky. Merely the […]

At any point in time, you have the power to choose between chaos and peace. Stop the negative spiral of self-doubt in its tracks and find the clarity of mind you deserve by cultivating presence: a core leadership skill for more productivity at work, and greater joy at home. Presence is the key to confident […]

What’s the secret recipe for more energy and wellbeing? You guessed it, a gratitude practice. Today’s special Thanksgiving episode dives into why giving thanks once in a while just doesn’t cut it, and the tremendous benefits from a consistent, long-term gratitude practice. As an extra bonus, we explore three different approaches to a gratitude practice […]

Part two in a three part series about making motivation easy. This post describes the three motivators for long-term motivation and simple practices you can integrate into your work day to align these three motivators. Staying motivated in the moment means nothing if you’re focused on meaningless busy work. “It is not enough to be […]

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