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Part three in a three part series about making motivation easy. In the two previous posts about Motivation in the Moment, we’ve discussed short-term and long-term practices to naturally increase your motivation. This post describes the most effective strategy to get out of a motivation rut: identity-based motivation. Use this powerful goal-setting strategy to make […]

Part two in a three part series about making motivation easy. This post describes the three motivators for long-term motivation and simple practices you can integrate into your work day to align these three motivators. Staying motivated in the moment means nothing if you’re focused on meaningless busy work. “It is not enough to be […]

There are simple, yet effective strategies to effortlessly increase your motivation in the moment. With a little planning, you can integrate easy steps into your workday for more motivation, right when you need it. This post is part one in a three-part series on motivation. Imagine walking into your office first thing in the morning. […]

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