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Ready to hear something positively heartbreaking? 91% of Americans will give up on their New Year’s resolutions before the end of the year. That means only 9% of workers follow through on their goals. Major yikes. Today’s podcast episode is designed to help you prepare a smooth path toward your goals… so you can be […]

Today’s podcast episode is all about the “F” word… Failure! Instead of wondering, why am I afraid of failure, what if you asked yourself, are you failing often enough? Left unchecked, Fear of Failure is paralyzing. Your mind races. Your heart rate rises. Your stomach tightens. It’s essential to ⚠️ recalibrate Fear of Failure and […]

How to stop binge-watching tv and rescue your time. Have you ever been swirled into binge-watching a tv show? You know that spooling circle kinda sucks you into the next episode and there’s a time warp when hours fly by before you can reach to press pause? Yes yes YES! (Waving both hands in the […]

If you’re fed up or burned out by traditional goal setting, this episode is for you my friend! Today’s episode reveals 4 research-backed principles behind setting goals that keep your fire burning… all year long! Hop into today’s episode to hear this powerful research distilled into a simple, memorable acronym: CORE Goals. Why not make […]

Discover meaningful goals for the year ahead with this intrinsically motivating 2021 Year-End Review. Are you ready to celebrate 2021 and set your sights for the new year ahead? Taking time to reflect and celebrate your milestones and learnings from the past year is a tremendous step towards discovering meaningful goals that will fuel your […]

Visualizing your time each day is an essential tool for effective time-management. Break free from our culture’s ineffectual obsession with the endless to-do list! Visualizing your time is about freeing yourself – so you can align how much time you have with where your time is spent. Learn the brain-boosting benefits of visualizing your time […]

What’s a Tipping Point? A behavioral cue that replaces a negative trigger with positive reinforcement for a healthy habit. With the help of a bonus Healthy Habits Worksheet to guide you through today’s episode, you can transform your daily routines into outstanding Healthy Habits in three simple steps. Because the building blocks for an outstanding […]

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck following someone else’s agenda? Or someone else is running your life’s schedule? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you clock into a 9-5 job, you are ultimately responsible for how you spend your time. Stay out of a victim mentality and step into the decision maker’s seat. Because you […]

Why this “efficient” time mindset trap is costing you time – and peace of mind. Many high-performers are constantly trying to get through their to-do list, as quickly as possible. They measure their worth by how many things they can “check-off” by the end of the day…. until they are overwhelmed in a flood of […]

What if there were one thing that would help you navigate 2021, no matter how much pivoting is required? I’m talking about core values. Today’s podcast episode dives into the power of core values to guide you through 2021, wherever your goal-pursuit journey might take you. Learn about the research behind operationalizing your core values […]

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