Episode 15: Why Presence is Key to Confident Leadership

At any point in time, you have the power to choose between chaos and peace. Stop the negative spiral of self-doubt in its tracks and find the clarity of mind you deserve by cultivating presence: a core leadership skill for more productivity at work, and greater joy at home.

Presence is the key to confident leadership, and this episode shares three simple exercises you can practice anytime, anyplace to stay grounded and step into a leadership position with ease.

Key take-aways from today’s episode:

  • [1:52] What an encounter with the Dalai Lama can teach us about presence
  • [3:58] Cultivating presence is cultivating authentic leadership, the root of core leadership skills.
  • [4:40] Leaders who are present don’t react – they respond
  • 5:15 Presence is the foundation of cultivating trust and connecting with others
  • 6:10 The essence of presence is paying more attention to your mind, body and heart
  • [7:05] Cultivating presence of the mind entails deciding which thoughts you want to entertain, and which thoughts you’ll let pass on by
  • [8:20] Do you talk to yourself in your head like you talk to a beloved friend?
  • [8:40] Cultivating presence of the body means activating the senses and listen to what the body is telling you
  • [11:25] Emotional intelligence and presence of the heart is key to understanding others and creating meaningful connections
  • [12:05] Cultivate presence of the heart by connecting to your breath and accepting your emotions
  • [12:56] Think about mini presence exercises you might include in breaks throughout your day

What practice might you test out to cultivate presence? Did one of the exercises jump out at you? Leave a comment below with what you’ll explore this week. I read every note and can’t wait to hear from you.

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