Episode 2: Find Your Flow State

Ever wondered why sometimes you get absorbed in your work that time seems to stand still? This state of heightened focus and concentration is called flow, and it’s accessed by being fully present to the work at hand. Flow can turbocharge productivity by 500% while increasing your sense of happiness and satisfaction. In fact…

People who frequently access the flow state in their lifestyles report being some of the happiest people on the planet! Today’s episode spills the beans about…

  • How to know you’re in the flow state
  • Why accessing the flow state is crucial to easier productivity
  • Finding your specific flow profile to access the flow state more often

After today’s episode, you’ll be ready to turn off notifications, clear your workspace from distractions, set a timer for 20-30 minutes and give yourself permission to flow!

Outline of today’s episode:

  • [0:00] Why presence is the gateway to flow state
  • [2:05] The neurochemical cocktail of the flow state (Read more in Steve Kotler’s book The Rise of Superman)
  • [5:15] Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s indicators of flow state (Learn more in his book, Flow)
  • [6:30] A 10-year McKinsey study reveals the flow state improves productivity by 5x
  • [7:25] The four flow profiles (Take the Flow Genome Project quiz to discover your profile)
  • [11:10] Applying my flow profile at work to get into the flow state more often
  • [12:30] Simple steps to go into focus mode at work
  • [14:27] Episode recap

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