Episode 34: The Simplest Solution for Task Tracking

Imagine starting your week with a Kanban Board – a full line of sight into all of your different workstreams, critical next steps on your projects, and the bandwidth you have to take on new work.

Sounds like a little piece of heaven, am I right?! Today’s episode shares one simple tool to streamline your task management so you can keep a handle on everything that keeps your world going round: a Kanban Board.

The Kanban board is one of the simplest solutions around for effective task management. And everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their daily workflow. No matter how much craziness is thrown onto your plate. When you have this kind of strategic clarity on your task load, you become a tremendous asset to others because you can better estimate your task load at any given point in time.

If you have a job with a high level of administrative work, which characterizes a lot of roles these days from office workers to stay-at-home moms, there is no getting around it… you have tasks!

Taichi Ono developed the Kanban Board to improve manufacturing efficiency at Toyota factories, and since then the simple concept has been successfully used in a multiplicity of applications. A 2015 article in the Harvard Business review applies the Kanban Board as a top strategy to Project Manage Your Life.

There is enough time to get everything done that matters, and with a Kanban board you can take the agony of an endless to-do list and replace it with clarity and calm.

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I would love to know, do you still use a to-do list? Share below how you customize your Kanban board for the unique requirements of your projects and daily routine!

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