Episode 7: The shocking New Year’s resolution failure rate, and how to set goals that last in 2021

2021 is starting to peek its friendly face around the corner… and that means countless humans are setting fantastic goals for growth and change in the personal and professional lives. The only problem? 92% of goal-setters will fail to achieve their New Years resolutions.

Today’s episode gets personal for me… I’ve felt let down by traditional goal-setting too many times to count. I want to set goals that last.

If you’re looking for a better way to set goals that are worthwhile, achievable, and aligned with your values for long-term growth, you’re going to love today’s special Milestone Exercise.

Use the Milestone Exercise to reflect briefly and set goals that last in the new year. You, my friend, belong in the 8% of goal achievers ; )

Today’s episode includes:

  • [2:50] 74% of American adults aim to set a resolution or goal for self-improvement in 2021
  • [3:32] In 2019, 8% of goal-setters in the United States achieved their goal or New Year’s resolution
  • [4:20] Why I completely gave-up on traditional goal-setting
  • [4:51] Pitfalls of my former mindset to do the best I could, wherever I was planted
  • [5:46] The power of framing your goal-setting in the bigger picture for goals that last
  • [6:25] Why setting-goals based on short-term memory can be short-sighted
  • [6:48] Benefits of the milestone exercise: seeing your greater context and avoiding the negativity bias
  • [7:35] The power of visualizing your progress
  • [7:44] The Milestone Exercise
  • [9:47] The kinds of milestones
  • [11:46] Episode recap

The more the merrier! Setting and sharing goals with our friends and loved ones can be a special way to connect and grow in the new year. Consider doing the Milestone Exercise with a friend for extra fun!

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