Episode 28: #3 Game-Changing Takeaways from this Year’s Biohacking Conference

My top three new discoveries and favorite learnings from this Year’s Biohacking Conference that you can implement today!

Whenever I use the term ‘biohacking,’ I cringe a little bit on the inside. I mean, what does biohacking even mean? People with tech embedded into their bodies, half-person, half-robot?

As someone who’s been biohacking for nearly a decade, I like to purport a very different definition. One all about streamlining systems for vibrant living. Someone who’s proactive about figuring out their optimal health. And, of course, the best biohacks are backed by scientific research.

This year I had an incredible opportunity to volunteer at the annual biohacking conference. In gratitude for experiencing this amazing event – full of health and wellness innovators of every kind – I’m sharing my conference highlights with the Present and Productive podcast community!

Today’s episode includes:

  • [1:15] The definition of “biohacking,” according to Dave Asprey who invented the term. 7th Annual Biohacking Conference.
  • [2:10] Why I take a ‘less is more’ approach to streamlining my wellness routines
  • [3:41] My top three favorite inventions from the Biohacking Conference tech hall: #1) Chilling out in the Defender Shield electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) tent #2) A super-efficient and fun 21-minute workout on the Vasper bike with muscle compression and cooling #3) Learning about new precision nutrition testing like Viome to figure out the exact foods, enzymes and probiotics to optimize your diet.
  • [6:19] Insight into action: The three most important biohacks from this year’s conference that you can implement, today!
  • [7:00] #1) A simple, affordable way to improve multiple health metrics might be to test your vitamin D levels to ensure its absorbing enough on a daily basis (Please note, this blog and podcast does not give medical advice).
  • [7:26] #2) Reduce your physical stress levels by speaking your truth.
  • [7:56] #3) Forgiveness is the ultimate biohack to put your brain into a positive state!

Note: This podcast does not give medical advice.

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