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Imposture syndrome, the creative process, and a challenge to create your definition of productivity “Whenever I feel imposter syndrome, my knee-jerk impulse is to work with a frenetic intensity,” I told Lydia. “Even though my book is packed with years of research, there’s a doubting voice in the back-right quadrant of my brain, taunting me […]

Your 2022 Gift Guide for Friends and Family who wish they could be more joyfully productive in the new year ????. Drum roll please…. I’m so excited to share with you ten of my favorite items for joyful productivity in 2022! These quality products are absolute musts in my personal routine (with one expectation that […]

When it comes to spending time intentionally designing our life, preparing for more moments that matter is one of the greatest returns on investment to improve your quality of life, relationships and mental health. Taking the time now to identify and design your life for moments that matter can significantly shift how you experience your life. […]

Creative, thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays that are sure to support your loved ones to being healthier and happier in 2022. Do you ever get discouraged trying to find the perfect gift? Discovering new gift ideas that family and friends will actually appreciate is a true art… and it should be fun! In today’s […]

My top three new discoveries and favorite learnings from this Year’s Biohacking Conference that you can implement today! Whenever I use the term ‘biohacking,’ I cringe a little bit on the inside. I mean, what does biohacking even mean? People with tech embedded into their bodies, half-person, half-robot? As someone who’s been biohacking for nearly […]

How being more present when exercising gets you stronger and fitter, with more ease. You probably already know that exercise is key to boosting your brainpower and energy all day long. But when most people think about exercise, they think about long, hard, and stressful workout at the gym that’s time-consuming and stinky. Merely the […]

Do you find it frustrating to work from home without the clear boundaries of a separate office space? Does your job bleed into your personal life, and vice versa? Now that 58% of U.S. workers are remote, it’s time to level-up your skills for working well from home. With a little bit of planning, remote-working […]

Research-Backed Principals to Design a Purpose-Filled Life Strategy Every time you set a goal, plan your schedule, or organize your to-do list, you are working in a greater context: your life strategy. Most of us persist in goal-setting and building new habits without stepping back to perceive the bigger picture. We find ourselves frustrated and […]

Weekly planning: How it works and how to master it The clock strikes midnight. You hit send on one final e-mail for the day. Bleary-eyed you set your alarm for 5:00 a.m., already anxious about tomorrow’s deadline. There must be a better way to plan the work day. Most office working Americans describe the workday […]

I don’t want tips for creating new habits, I’d rather have everything snap perfectly into place. Everything organized. Everything works like clock work. My desk is clean. Work is wrapped-up exactly on-time. My body becomes accustomed to working out on schedule – even looking forward to a good sweat session. The trouble is, a consistent routine crumbles […]

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