Episode 32: Design Your Life for More Moments that Matter

When it comes to spending time intentionally designing our life, preparing for more moments that matter is one of the greatest returns on investment to improve your quality of life, relationships and mental health. Taking the time now to identify and design your life for moments that matter can significantly shift how you experience your life.

Most people wait for the kinds of moments that really matter to pop out of thin air… but if you’re tired of feeling frustrated, stressed out and overburdened, this quick life-design exercise might just do the trick! Today’s podcast episode is an interactive exercise.

Together, we walk step by step through a transformational life exercise that will help you experience more of those vibrant moments that matter.

Moments that matter stick with us because they happen with an intense, vibrant emotional experience. When you think back on milestone moments of your lives, they’re all associated with powerful emotions. These powerful emotions form strong pathways in the brain.

Instead of trying to micromanage or recreate moments that mattered from the past, ask yourself,

“How can I design my life so that these kinds of moments that matter can occur more frequently and more easily?”

And the more often you experience moments that matter – moments of joy, love, gratitude, hope, pride – it becomes easier and easier to generate more of these high-quality emotions. Experiencing more positive emotions in your life really is a practice.

I can’t wait for you to go through this transformational life design exercise and start creating more moments that matter.

Rate, review, & subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify. Let me know, what kinds of shifts are you making after today’s Moments that Matter life design exercise? If you’re open to it, please share a comment with this community so we can better support each other in living with more intentionality and purpose!

Join me in today’s interactive podcast episode!

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