Episode 21: The #1 Way to an Exercise Habit that Sticks

How being more present when exercising gets you stronger and fitter, with more ease.

You probably already know that exercise is key to boosting your brainpower and energy all day long. But when most people think about exercise, they think about long, hard, and stressful workout at the gym that’s time-consuming and stinky. Merely the thought of exercise shuts them down.

I know that you can do so much better. Tune into today’s episode to learn about how smiling during exercise can get you the results you want, faster, and learn five simple steps to find an exercise habit that sticks!

Today’s Episode Includes:

  • [1:30] The many benefits between exercise and the brain.
  • [2:41] Read the Harvard Business Review article sharing findings from the Leeds Metropolitan University Study: Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job by Ron Friedman.
  • [4:26] The #1 Method to exercise habits hat stick: Feeling present while exercising.
  • [5:23] My story of uncovering this secret from my upbeat New York City barre instructor.
  • [7:13] Gretchen’s Reynold’s New York Times article sharing research about the impact of smiling on exercise efficiency.
  • [8:03] World record-breaking marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge is known for his effusive smile, especially while crossing the finish line.
  • [8:31] 5 Simple steps to build an exercise habit that sticks.

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